STEPS for selling your Snowboard items

Used Snowboard Monster is one of the largest stores in Japan which specializes in buying new / used snowboard items.
By attaching pictures of your items on the form you will be notified of our purchase prices quote within 24 hours.
Our staff will come to your house or a meeting place (within Hakuba only) on your requested date and time, and pay cash on the spot if you are satisfied with the prices.

check your price of snowboard

Take pictures of your items and send them with the “Assessment Form”.
There is no charge for assessment.
There is no need to register to be a member of our service.


Via E-mail within 24 hours, you will be notified of the purchase prices quotes.
Please, fill out your requested date and time as to when our staff can meet you in person on the “Purchase Request Form”only if you agree to the prices.

we buy snowboard for cash

Our Staff will visit you and pay cash on the spot. (within Hakuba only)
In most cases, the prices we quoted will not go lower unless the items description is determined to be inaccurate by our staff.
Please, have your passport ready for your ID.

Snowboard gear that we would buy.

We will buy snowboards even if there are scratches, as well as back country gear with high purchase prices.
One of the items we are not interested in buying is an item which is more than 10 years old.


Is the assessment free?
Yes, it is always free. Please, feel free to get your items assessed. NO hassle. No need to join our mailing list or register to our site.
You only sell your item(s) to us if you are happy with our quoted prices.
Does the price you quoted change when you actually buy the items?
No, in most cases, the prices will be guaranteed and we pay the whole amount in cash.
How long does it take to get the price quote?
Within 24 hours you will receive an email from us. Our email, "" may sometimes go to your Junk Mail. In order to receive our email promptly, please set up your email account before hand, especially if you are using a mobile email account.
Is it okay that I am not sure the year of snowboard or the name of the model?
No problem at all. Our staff will check the year of production and the model name.
My snowboard is very old. Is it still okay for me to get the quote?
Yes, it is okay. But we may not be able to buy your items if the snowboard is too old, or has too much damage on it. Give us a shot and send the “Assessment Request Form”.
Is it possible to sell only certain items, not all the items that have been quoted?
Yes, it is possible. We will give the quote of each items separately. You only need to sell whatever you can agree on with our quoted prices.
Do the staff in Hakuba speak English?
I am very sorry. They are only able to communicate in Japanese.
Does it have to be only in Hakuba that you can come to buy items?
Yes, it has to be only within Hakuba. Our staff will visit you directly with your requested time and place.

Purchase Price Example


Head snowboard / Binding

Purchase price, 5,000Yen



Purchase price 5,100Yen

#BackCountry Gear

Black Diamond/Shovel

Purchase price, 1,800Yen



Purchase price, 20,900Yen



Purchase price, 12,000Yen



Purchase price 15,000Yen



Our Staff

Snowboard Monster specializes in buying new / used snowboard items and give more than 10,000 price quotes every year.
We will buy scratched items, and not so good condition items as well. After your sending of the item pictures, within 24hours, we would notify you with the price quotes. The price quote is final; the price will stay the same. Price quotes are free and in no way are you obligated to sell to us if you are not satisfied with our quotes. You will not be added to our mailing list without your consent. Please feel free to contact us.

Our service provides people with the opportunity to get rid of gear that they no longer need, or can no longer hang onto incase of a possible move etc…

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via Email. Within 24 hours, we will respond back to you.Please, be aware that sometimes our Email goes to your Junk Mail folder.