Our Company Profile

It is our goal to make snowboarding more popular,that is why we feel it is essential that people have the opportunity to buy quality gear from us at prices they can afford.

Usend Snowboard Monster is a specialty company that buys new / used snowboard items. Monster Cliff Co., Ltd. manages it.
Since our establishment in 2012, we have assessed more than 10,000 items per year, and from 2013 we moved the main
office to Hakuba. (no actual stores, only the main office)

Snowboarding is one of the popular sports in Japan, but comparing it with most other recreational sports, the cost of starting
to snowboard is much higher because most snowboard items are imported from North America or Europe.
Many people tend to quit snowboarding once they move on to other schools, get a job, marry etc, yet the population of
people who are just starting snowboarding is rising.

Our company’s mission is buying snowboard items which are no longer used or wanted, and selling them to the next person
at the best price possible. We are hoping a lot of people can start snowboarding easily by being able to buy snowboard gear
at a cheaper rate, so they can feel more familiar with snowboarding and realize how much fun snowboarding is!

Company Information

Name Monster Cliff Co,Ltd.
Founded Feb. 1, 2012
Head Office Miyamoto 8-40-5 2F, Funabashi Chiba Japan
Hakuba Office Chikuni 4742-1, Otari-mura Kitaazumi-gun Nagano
Business summary 1.distributor of used snowboards
2.WEB Desing, Web system development
Capital 1,500,000yen
Banking relationship The Japan Net Bank, Limited
Founder,CEO Tomoaki Sato
Contact +81 50-5539-3967